Shahnaz Husain Professional Power Hair Cleanser Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.3


1 year ago

Hair cleanser


Lathers well

Rinses off completely without leaving residue

Removes dirts and grime

My mother in law like Shahnaz Hussain products. When she came to live with us she brought Shahnaz Husain Professional Power Hair Cleanser with her. I also used it for some time. This cleanser takes care of all hair problems. It controls hair fall and combats dandruff and dry scalp. It not only prevents hair fall but also promotes hair growth. While cleansing the hair vigorously, this product provides shines and also conditions the hair to make it manageable and frizz free. It also produces great amount of lathers and it is easily washable from the hair. It keep the hair and scalp clean, hydrated and healthy.

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