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2 years ago

Soft and Creamy Kohl


MAC is a kohl kajal available in wide variety of shades. The soft and creamy kohl helps us to define and shade the eyes to give a smoky and dramatic effect. The pencil texture is soft, smooth and creamy that gives a pearly or matte finish to the eyes. This kohl is opthalmologically tested and can be safely used by the contact lens wearers. It does not irritate the eyes. The eye pencil is a normal wooden pencil with a plastic cap that can be sharpened with a normal pencil sharpener. But this kind of kohl gets wasted due to frequent sharping. It is extremely easy to apply the eye pencil on the waterline. Ensure that the waterline is not oily which creates break out. At least 2-3 strokes of the kohl give an obvious look to the eyes. Apply the kohl directly on the waterline. It can be used as eyeliner as well as eye shade. The longevity when used as eyeliner is more than used as a kajal on bottom lash line. This product has partially fulfilled the claim as it smudges after 2-3 hrs and later it starts fading and need a reapplication. The price of the product is little expensive. I recommend this product for its deep pigmentation that gives a dramatic effect.

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