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2 years ago

Affordable Splash Lipstick


Blue heaven splash super matte lipsticks are very much affordable range of lipsticks with impressive quality. Its distinctive formula is highly pigmented that gives ultra smooth hydrated matte finish. These are water proof lipsticks. Blue Heaven splash lipsticks have a wide range of variants in pinks, reds and nudes. The packaging of the lipstick comes in a translucent pink cap that is travel safe. However, the fragrance is unpleasant smell. The texture is slightly dry. Exfoliating and moisturising the lips before applying the lipstick is indispensable. When hydrated, this lipstick does not show dryness on lips. Applying the lipstick without moisturising the lips, the lipstick does not glide smoothly and leaves patches and uneven finish. It gives good colour payoff and is comfortable to wear. The lipstick sets into super matte finish after application. This splash super matte lipstick is not completely transfer proof. It is transferable. Stay cautious which eating and drinking where touch up would require. Great longevity. Staying power is good. Removing it from the lips is very easy by using a wet tissue or a remover. I consider, Blue heaven splash lipstick is a best purchase for those who are looking for affordable and good quality.

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