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2 years ago

Affordable And Good Eye Pencil


Ideal for waterline and lashline

Trendy shades

Precise application


Creamy consistency

Pigmented colors


I am a great fan of eye pencils and liners. I have been using kajal for several years from my early teens. I bought a kajal pencil from Essence that is jet black in colour. It has well defined my eyes and elevated the eye make up. The texture is buttery soft. It gives a complete matte finish. It glides smoothly on the water line without tugging and pulling. It slightly smudges on the water line, fades gradually and disappears. Due to its creamy consistency, the pencil tip breaks off easily even when a light pressure is applied. As this eye pencil must be sharpened, the product gets wasted. Its packaging is colour coded. The pencil comes in a sleek design with a colour coded cap. This is a wooden pencil that must be sharpened. This is very simple, and the pencil is sturdy. The shade of the kajal is blackest black. Essence is familiar for its crazy hue variants. It creates a fashionable colour highlights on the eyes which look very trendy. The staying power is very decent and lasts for about 4-6 hours. It does not clump the lashes when applied on the lash line. or water line. It is not a water proof or smudge proof kajal. This pencil is highly affordable and budget friendly. Its sturdy packaging is travel friendly and easy to carry in a pouch. It is suitable and safe for those with sensitive eyes. It does not cause any irritation or redness to the eyes. It can be applied easily, just swipe the pencil on the water line from inner to outer corner of the eyes. It can be effortlessly removed by rinsing with water or remove it using a tissue. It is pretty much comfortable to use. Its tip is pointed and gives a precise application. As it smudges slightly, I use it as an eye shade. I recommend this pencil as it is affordable and good eye pencil.

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