Ogx Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Instant Repair Weightless Healing Oil Reviews

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2 years ago

Nourishes and Strengthens Dry And Brittle Hair


Quick results

Reduces hairfall

Gets absorbed quickly

Washes off easily

Pleasant fragrance

I purchased Ogx anti breakage keratin oil that instantly helps nourish and strengthens the dry and brittle hair. The fortifying keratin proteins help to resists the breakage by brushing and styling. The argan oil conditions the hair and adds soft and shine. Keratin protein and argan oil will help to defrizz the hair even if it is frizzy or fine, curly or straight. This instant repair weightless healing oil has anti breakage properties that nourishes and smoothens the hair. The formula is light weight, colourless and non sticky or non greasy. The texture of the healing oil is runny and light. It gets absorbed into the scalp very quickly. It is more like a serum than oil. The hair fall reduces gradually. It conditions the hair and appears shiny and glowy. The fragrance is very pleasant and smells more like a berry. It shows an instant and immediate result after application of the keratin oil. The packaging comes in a transparent bottle with a spray nozzle. The packaging is very much travel friendly and comes in a leak proof and spill proof. It is pretty much comfortable to use. Spray the keratin oil all over the cleansed damp hair and style as usual. It can be used on dry hair to tame the short and fine hairs. The product lasts for long as a small amount of the product would be sufficient for the entire hair. If applied and left over night, it will show better results. Keratin protein works together with argan oil creates strong, soft, smooth and touchable hair. It gives the strength to the hair strands from within without causing hair breakage or split ends. It does not leave the hair oily and look unwashed. The fragrance lingers on the hair for long time. It is an amazing oil and I recommend it for those who suffer brittle or frizzy hair.

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