Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow Reviews

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2 years ago

Super Natural Finish


Pretty color payoff

Combination of pigment and shimmer


Doesn’t irritate the eyes

Easy to use

Party look

I bought a brand new Bobbi brown metallic eye shadow to add my make up vanity with a gorgeous eye shadow. This is a metallic eye shadow with the combination of rich and intense pigmentation and beautiful shimmers. This shade is an adorable dusty shade with a pinkish undertone. This is suitable for almost all skin types. It gives a sensual and sophisticated look. This shade applies very smoothly and evenly on the eye lids. It gives a liquid metal like finish on the eyes. The shimmers in it are finely milled. They are not chunky or glittery. It is not harsh on the skin. They give a nice and smooth shiny finish on the eyes. The eye shadow is so pigmented that it blends easily on the skin. They give good colour pay off and are super natural finish. The packaging comes in a sleek, sturdy black plastic square shaped compact pan with a flip to lid that is transparent for the easy visibility of the shade. The packing is classy. This is quite travel friendly. There is no applicator in the palette. So, we need to carry our own applicator along with the palette. It is a very easy to wear and is comfortable. It builds up the colour intensity in a single swipe. It gives a perfect coverage. It does not crease as it is crease free. The staying power and longevity is pretty good that lasts all day long. When a primer is applied as a base, it lasts around 5-6 hours It gives a soft and subtle glow. The shades look stunning. This can be used as a multipurpose powder. I use it as a highlighter on the brow bone, cheek bones and other high points of the face. It gives a perfect shimmer glow. For eyes it gives a smokey eye effect. I highly recommend this product for those who are shimmer lovers.

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