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2 years ago

For Ultra Soft and Smooth Hands



Hydrating effect


Natural ingredients

Thick cream

Soothing sensation

Restores natural moisture

Repairs dry cuticles

Long-lasting effect

No greasy residue

A hand cream is a must for my daily body care regime as my hands have become rough and harsh because of my routine household activities. Hence, I purchased the body shop hemp hand protector. This is a best selling product from body shop and it is dermatologically tested. It works wonders even on very dry skin. This is formulated from the community trade hemp seed oil. It is the best hand cream for dry to very dry skin. It is enriched with allantoin that naturally soothes the skin. Glycerin that moisturises and provides high hydration effect to the skin, hemp seed oil helps to repair the skin dryness and roughness and restores moisture and smoothens the skin. Panthenol reduces the nail breakage and smoothens the cuticle. Organic bee wax locks the moisture and makes the skin soft. The product comes in an old medicinal ointment metal tube packaging. The packaging is the set back for this product as it is difficult to withdraw the cream. The metal tube cracks after multiple times of usage. The tube comes in green colour which made it vibrant and attractive. The texture is creamy and heavy with thick consistency. It makes the hands soft and smooth. The fragrance is minty which is strong and overpowering. This cream must be applied at nights before bed for best results. It must be applied generously and massage till it gets absorbed into the skin. When we wake up in the morning, the hands become baby soft and smooth. This is an ideal for all seasons specially winters, for those with dry skin experience flaky skin. It softens the dry cuticles. It is not suggested for oily skin as the texture is very heavy. I would highly recommend this hemp hand protector for those who like to obtain baby soft hands

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