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2 years ago

For Clear Skin


No irritation

Contains tea tree oil

Quick drying formula

Light gel

Lightens blemishes

I have combination skin with few pimple spots on my face. When I heard that tea tree extracts would definitely treat the pimple marks and blemishes on the skin, I bought the body shop tea tree blemishes gel for reducing the skin blemishes. I got this gel for experiencing its light weight effect on the skin. The gel texture is light and is not strongly concentrates. It evaporates very quickly when applied. The consistency is runny. The packaging is simple and handy. It comes in a portable stick which is green in colour. It comes with a doe foot applicator. It helps to apply the product on the spot directly with the help of the sponge applicator. The gel helps to soothe and cleanse the pores and fights the blemishes. It does not clog the pores. The fragrance is like tea tree smell. It helps to lighten the skin blemishes and spots. It gives on the go targeted care. It is easy to use. After cleansing the skin, apply directly to the targeted area of concern using the sponge applicator. It makes the skin natural healthy and glowing. We could see the visible difference. The formulation consists of community trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya. It is key ingredient and known for its anti bacterial property. It soothes and instantly cools targeted area without over drying the skin. This is a hand bag essential for all those who face the problem of pop up pimple. It gives a clear looking skin. I use it whenever I spot a pimple coming up. With the help of the applicator, I dab the gel. However, it does not work great on acne or huge blemishes. The product is expensive but adds value for the money. I recommend this tea tree blemishes gel for instant treatment for pimples and spots.

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