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2 years ago

Cleanse And Protects The Skin



Softens skin

Long-lasting freshness

Prevents skin disorders

Doctor recommended

Suitable for all skin types

Convenient size options

Mild fragrance


Dettol has a wide range of skin care products. There are three variants iconic Dettol original, skin care and product that feel fresh all day long. Dettol is a trust worthy soap that my family and I have been using from several years. It is renowned as an antiseptic soap. Later they have come out with skin care and cool soaps. I feel this is a family soap. This soap protects the skin from impurities. It is enriched with moisturizers and provides required nourishments to the skin. It leaves the skin soft and supple. It effectively removes the germs and bacteria. It is designed to protect from a wide range of invisible germs. It is a nourishing moisturisers. It is dermatologically tested to cleanse and protect. This is an ideal product for every day hygiene and protection for the skin. It provides 100% better protection from any ordinary soap. This soap helps to make skin softer and smoother. It prevents the spread of illness causing germs and make the skin healthy. It minimizes the risk of infection and improve the overall health. Unclean or untidy skin may cause not only skin problems but also internal health issues that lead to illness. Dettol has also launched liquid hand wash over a soap bar that can help to keep the hands and nails clean. This is recommended soap by the Indian Medical Association. The packaging comes in a pink coloured paper wrap. This soap maintains a perfect balance between the beauty and skin protection. This soap is mild and does not irritate the skin. It creates a fresh feel on the skin without drying the skin. This is suitable for all skin types. The freshness lasts long, and the fragrance lingers on the skin for some time. I recommend this soap for its gentle clean and protection from illness causing germs.

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