Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush Reviews

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1 year ago

Gentle on gums


Gentle on gums

Removes plaque

Prevent cavities

Colgate is a renowned brand which is specialized in producing oral hygiene products like toothpaste, brushes, mouth wash, and dental floss. I have been using Colgate right from my childhood. It has come up with many innovative ideas and advanced technology from time to time. It has manufactured toothbrushes on a research basis and improved the design of the brush and its bristles as per the requirement. I had recently purchased Colgate slim soft toothbrush as I have very sensitive teeth and gums. This brush worked great on my teeth. The bristles are super soft and did not hurt the gums. I did not see my gum bleeding like before. The packaging is standard and hygienic. The bristles are designed like floss tip which efficiently cleans the teeth and gives a floss experience. The handle of the brush is slim and has a good grip while brushing the teeth. It does not slip from the hand. Behind the bristles, there is a tongue cleaner that effectively cleans the oral cavity. The soft bristles clean the teeth and remove the plaque and tartar that is visible along the gum line.

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