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Vcare Goat Milk Soap is enriched with minerals, vitamins, lipids, proteins, and alpha hydroxyl acids. It improves complexion with its advanced fairness solution. It keeps the skin soft and radiant.

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Natural ingredients

Calming effect

Goat milk extracts provides many skin care benefits. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and lipids. This makes the skin soft, smooth and glowing. These days goat milk extracts are being formulated in moisturizers and soaps. One such soap is Vcare goat milk soap. This soap is formulated with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals are added. The soap comes in a cute purple and white packaging and the soap is round and white in colour. The soap texture is creamy soft and lathers well. It cleanses the skin gently and keeps it nourished and healthy. This soap contains highly moisturizing agents that gives deep nourishment and conditions the skin. It helps to balance the pH level of the skin. This soap does not make the skin dry and flaky. It also repairs the dry and under nourished skin. This provides soothing effect on the damaged skin. It has anti inflammatory property that does not inflame or irritate the skin. It is very much suitable for sensitive skin. I have noticed that my skin texture has improved and effectively evens out the skin tone. Can give a try.

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