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1 year ago

Effective medicine for general health


Improves immunity

Effective composition

Supari pak is an ayurvedic medicine that effectively treats problems in reproductive system in both men and women. Dabur, a reputed and well known brand has launched supari pak. This is the best medicine to cure many health disorders. It is especially useful for women. This supari pak is the safest method to overcome the gynec and reproductive problems. This medicine formulation contains all natural herbs like betel nut which is known as supari that acts gentle on the body and does not have any side effects. It improves the general health of women. It effectively reduces the weakness and fatigue feel. The packaging comes in a sturdy plastic jar which is very much travel friendly. It must be used only during health disorders. This medicine can be consumed under specialist supervision. It contains herbal ingredients that fights vaginal diseases. It maintains the pH level in the intimate parts. This is far better than the regular intimate washes that contains chemical compositions. It effectively reduces the foul smells, discharging fluids etc. and reinstate to normal condition.

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