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1 year ago

Best hair color shampoo


Vcare is a fastest growing brand that offers skin care, hair care and beauty care products with high quality using innovative technology in affordable range. Vip hair color shampoo is one among them which has a revolutionary formula and is made easy to use. Hair coloring with a dye or henna is a tedious job and time taking too. Hair color shampoo is an amazing product that makes hair coloring very easy within no time. This hair color shampoo is formulated using pearl extracts and does not contain harmful ammonia. Pearl extract gives a natural looking black color to the hair. Its formula gives black shine to the hair. It appears glossy and healthy hair. This can be used directly by bare hands without gloves as there are no harmful chemicals and dyes that harm the skin. It lathers well on damp hair and colors the hair evenly. It covers all the grey hairs perfectly. This shampoo acts mild and gentle on the hair. It is not harsh at all. It can be ideally used by both men and women. Men can use it to colour beard and mustache also. The color lasts long on the hair even after few hair washes. A very good product to use. Can give a try.

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