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1 year ago

For fuller and thick hair


Toppik hair building fibers is an innovative product that is very much useful for those with baldness and hair thinning. It is designed with keratin fibers which appears like natural hairs. It covers the hair roots and appears the hair to be thick with increased hair density. It makes the hair look fuller. It blends effortlessly into the natural hair without making it look artificial fibers. The instructions are easy to follow. It lasts long and stays intact for long time. Though it is water resistant, it may get washed out when rinsed with water or shampoo. The hair building fibers does not smear or stain the scalp. It comes in different hair colours. It can be used on dry hair by spraying the fiber on the areas of bald or thinning. Gently pat hair to disperse it evenly. It does not come out so easily after it is glued on the scalp. This hair fibers are available in different sizes to match according to the hair length. It perfectly conceals the hair loss and make it appear fuller. It is suitable for all hair types and textures. It can be gently comb or can go with desired hair styles after application. This is a best option for those who are bald.

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