Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture Foaming Body Wash Reviews

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1 year ago

Best foam wash


I recently got dove shower deep moisture body wash as soap was harsh on my skin. I got a body wash which is very mild on my skin. This is a foaming body wash that deeply cleanses the skin effectively by removing dirt, impurities and grime from the skin pores. It provides high nourishment and moisturization to the skin. It does not strip off the natural oils from the skin. Its unique formula replenishes natural moisture in the skin and locks it. This keeps the skin hydrated all day long. It does not dry out my skin like other shower gels do. The body wash texture is creamy and soft that glides smoothly on my skin. It lathers well with thick foam and rinses off well without leaving residues on the skin. The packaging comes in pump dispenser for its easy use. The fragrance is mild and classic that lingers on my skin for long. Can give a try.

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