Organic Harvest Tea Tree Essential Oil Reviews

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1 year ago

Treats dandruff


Organic harvest is the reputed brand that offers a good range of pure and premium quality essential oils. I bought tea tree oil for its multi purpose uses. I use it for treating dandruff by mixing it proportionately with coconut hair oil. This helps me to reduce dandruff on my scalp. I apply the oil on my scalp and gently massage till it gets absorbed into the scalp. It effectively reduces the itchiness and irritation on the scalp. Apart from this I also use this oil to treat acne and acne spots on my skin. It reduces the acne and lightens the acne spots. Its anti bacterial property fights the acne or pimple causing bacteria and inhibits its growth. This essential oil is pure and vegan. It also does not contain mineral oil and is safe to use on the sensitive skin. It can be used for aroma therapy for calming effect.

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