Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream – Almond Oil & Cucumber Extract Reviews

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1 year ago

Effective under eye cream


I had suffered under eyes dark circles due to work stress and sleepless nights. It also developed fine lines near my eye area. One of my friends had recommended me using vaadi under eyes cream which is completely natural and safe to use. I got one for me and used it for several days. I could see a visible change in the skin texture around my eyes. It had reduced the puffiness around my eyes. It has lightened the fine lines in my eye area. The formulation contains cucumber, rose and almond extracts that are soothing on the skin. The fragrance is mild and pleasant with a hint of rose smell. I liked this cream as it evenly spreads under the eyes and blends into the skin quickly without being greasy on my skin. I use this at nights before going to bed for better results. I highly recommend this herbal cream for those who suffer under eyes dark circles.

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