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1 year ago

Effective tooth paste


Recently, I suffered from severe tooth sensitivity which made me suffer even if I take cold water or eat anything that is hard to chew. I also had a cavity in one of the teeth. This was the reason of severe tooth ache. I had also observed bleeding gums while brushing and this rushed me to the dentist. He prescribed me thermoseal repair medicated tooth paste. This is formulated using strontium chloride hexahydrate which shield the teeth with a protective layer and reduces the teeth sensitivity. It reduces the acid attack on the teeth and prevent cavities. The flavour of the toothpaste is more like mint which adds freshness to the breath all day long. It reduces the bad odor and gives a refreshing feel. It reduced my bleeding gums issue and kept the gums intact. It did not affect the teeth or caused ache when I took cool water. It had been my teeth savior.

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