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1 year ago

Improves the skin texture


I have been using many fairness cream and anti blemishes cream to reduce the sun tan and pigmentation on my skin. All the creams that are for topical application and has given temporary results. No product has given glow and fairness from within. Himalaya herbals has come up with one such wellness product. Its manjishtha capsules provides the skin fairness from within. It improves the skin texture. It detoxifies the blood and enhances its circulation to provides brighter and fairer skin. The capsules are enriched with manjishtha extracts that helps to reduce the dark spots and lightens the sun tan. It is safe to use and is suitable for all skin types. This effectively regulates the melanin production and lightens the skin complexion. It evens the skin tone. It has antioxidant property that combats the free radicals and inhibits its effect on the skin. It reduces the fines lines and wrinkles effectively. Best product to use.

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