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1 year ago

Best deep cleansing shampoo


I have been using vestige assure skin care and hair care products from quite some time. I liked their premium quality and effectiveness. I bought deep cleansing shampoo from them for regular use. It is an amazing shampoo that is enriched with powerful ingredients like lemon and thyme extracts. This deeply cleanses the hair as well as scalp. It extracts the impurities, dirt and excess oil produced on the scalp. It does not dry the scalp and hair by stripping away the natural moisture from them. My hair appeared healthy and manageable. Apart from cleanses the hair, it also hydrates the hair and keeps it soft and smooth. It moisturises the hair and keeps it supple. The texture of the shampoo is gel like and slightly runny. It glides smoothly on the hair and lathers well. It reduces the dandruff and scalp infection. I am impressed with this shampoo. I highly recommend this shampoo for everyone.

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