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1 year ago

Treats dry and scaly skin


Hydromax ct cream is a moisturizing cream that is infused with the goodness of coal tar and salicylic acid. It helps in many skin conditions. It keeps the skin hydrated for long after application. It treats many skin infections like psoriasis. It reduces skin irritation and inflammation. It is soothing on the skin and effectively lessens the skin itchiness and irritation. It replenishes natural skin moisture and shea butter in the composition moisturizes the skin. It also cures the scaly skin. It restores skin elasticity. This is a good cream for very dry skin. The packaging comes in a bulky and sturdy blue tub which does not travel-friendly. This is the best cream for those suffering from scaly and dry skin too. It prevents the hardening of the skin and scales formation. It is affordable and easily available cream. However, it is better to use under medical supervision.

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