Khadi Natural Jasmine Essential Oil Reviews

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1 year ago

Lovely fragrance


I love floral fragrance very much. I like using essential oil for home remedies. For aromatherapy, I use jasmine essential oil from Khadi. This is a wonderful oil which can be used for multi purposes. I use it as a body massage oil which gives a fresh and rejuvenated feel to mind and uplifts the senses. It makes my skin soft and smooth leaving a mild floral fragrance on the skin. I love using a few drops in bathing water which gives a spa experience. This has a non irritant formula which is safe to use on sensitive skin. It does not break out the skin. I also add few drops in diffuser which reveals floral fragrance in the living area. This can be added in regular hair oil to relieve the stress and the floral smell lingers on the hair. I highly recommend this essential oil for those who like jasmine fragrance.

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