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Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar is a mild soap for sensitive skin. It is formulated with the goodness of milk cream that creates the perfect balance between protection and care. It cleanses your skin thoroughly by getting rid of germs and dirt without being harsh. It is gentle on sensitive skin and harsh on impurities and bacteria. This soap is excellent for everyday use.

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Suitable for sensitive skin

Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar is used by my husband daily. He has been using the lifebuoy brand for many years now. The smell from the soap is so familiar and so refreshing. I think it’s safe to this that, here in India, almost every household would have used the Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar. This brand is famous. The Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar is enriched with milk cream and hence it is very gentle on skin. You only have to use it one time to remove all the dirt on the skin and the soap gets rid of germs too. This soap is so effective after a long day of sports. It does not dry the skin and can be used for all skin types. The lifebuoy brand is very trusted and we have started using their hand wash too. A big advantage is when you travel and all; you can find the travel-friendly mini versions of this soap. I recommend this product.

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