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Revlon Touch And Glow Advanced Fairness Cream is a daily use moisturizer. With Advanced Vitamin Agent and Dual Sunscreen, the cream is formulated to make your skin appear fairer and brighter with every use. Honey, the prime ingredient of this cream, keeps your skin moisturized, nourished, smooth, and supple. The cream is packed in a 50g tube.

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Contains Advanced Vitamin Agent

Moisturizes skin

Brightens skin

Pleasant fragrance

I am a person with a site job. Also, I use my bike a lot for transportation, to leave my child to school or anywhere. So I am exposed to the sun very much. And my skin is exposed to all kinds of weather including dust, pollution and heatwaves. As a result, I have very dry skin and dull-looking skin. I wanted to give a try with Revlon Touch And Glow Advanced Fairness Cream. On a few uses regularly, I liked the moisturizing effect it gives on skin. The moisturizer in the cream keeps my skin hydrated and well-nourished. The honey present in the cream gives my skin a healthy, smooth look. The cream also makes my face look brighter for long hours. Additionally, the cream also has adequate sunscreen that is enough to save the skin from heatwaves. I would recommend this product.

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