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MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187 is a full circular face brush. It is used for lightweight application and blending of powders and pigments that work well with mineralized products. This brush can be used to create soft layers or add textures to your face. All MAC brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. These brushes incorporate the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance and improved longevity.

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Makes applying makeup very easy ! Ranjani approves this product
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Picks the right amount of product

Blends well

Can be used for texturing

Soft and effective

I am big fan of MAC products. The quality which you get from MAC products is just impeccable. My friend who is a makeup artist gifted me with this MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187. This brush is used for applying powders and shades. With this face brush the blending of powders and shades have become super easy. This brush makes the powder application really light and airy. You could apply the right amount and get the right look. The MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187 spreads out the powder well and provides an even look across the face. When you have to mix two different products and create the desired look, MAC brush 187 is the go to product. When we apply powder with this brush, the texture it provides is just brilliant. You get soft layers on the face. The MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush 187 is very easy to clean and dries out quickly.

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