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Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock provides complete protection from UVA and UVB rays. It prevents skin tan, sun burn, and the premature skin aging caused due to harmful UV radiation. Its innovative formula spreads effortlessly on skin and provides a shine-free matte finish to your face. The Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock is available in different SPF levels to suit your skin type - SPF 30 PA++ (Normal to oily skin), SPF 50 PA +++ and SPF 70 PA +++ (All skin types). While SPF 30 variant consists of Comfrey and Vanilla extracts, SPF 50 consists of Vitamin E and Carrot oil; and SPF 70 consists of Sage and Thyme extracts.

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Perfect for daily use Ranjani approves this product
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Oil-free and ultra-light

Daily use sunscreen

Reduces inflammation

Relaxing effect

Broad spectrum sunscreen


Non-greasy and non-sticky

Fast absorption

Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock is a good product that is safe on skin. I work onsite and my skin is exposed to sunlight in all my work hours. Not just hot sun, my skin is also exposed to excessive heat, dust, and pollution. So I always look for a good sunscreen that is non sticky on face. My search ended when I found Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock. It has a different range of SPF and it is very light on skin. The Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock is very smooth and light on screen. It is very mild and safe on skin. The sunscreen also acts as a base makeup for face. After applying sunscreen, the compact can b applied directly on skin. It lasts long and saves the skin from sun, dust and pollution. You just have to give a 10-15 minute for the sunscreen to settle and then we are good to go. The Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock has three ranges of SPF to suit different skin types. they have SPF 30 PA++, SPF 50 PA++, SPF 70 PA++. SPF 30 PA++ and SPF 50 PA++ is best suited for normal to oily skin. SPF 70 PA ++ suits all skin types and I bought the SPF 70 version. It has sage and thy,me extracts and is very gentle on skin. The creamy consistency spreads beautifully on skin and gives an even tone on skin. The sunscreen gives a matte finish and gives a natural looking face. the sunscreen is essential to protect from UV. I use the Lotus Professional Phyto Rx Ultra Protect Sunblock on daily basis. On regular basis I find my skin complexion has also improved and made my skin look lighter.

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