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2 years ago

Gives a professional look !


Easy to use

Travel friendly

Fine brush

Natural finish

Shapes the eyebrows


Fine waxy consistency

Fragrance free

Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil is a great product. It is one product that is so multipurpose. The eyebrow pencil has two ends. One to fill your eyebrows and the other end to give a perfect definite look to the eyebrows. I always feel that however, I get ready; I am not able to achieve that professional look with the eye makeup. But with this Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil, that problem is solved. The eyebrow pencil is intensely pigmented. The eyebrow pencil fills up the brow area. The penetration is good and it fills up the entire gap in the brows. Once you apply this, you then have to use the fine brush at the cap to define the eyebrows. We get beautiful natural looking brows. All this happens in very less time. Additionally, the Miss Claire Eyebrow Pencil is completely waterproof. You can wear it to any kind of occasions. The eyebrow pencil is also smudge free. The packing is very sleek and you can carry it anywhere in your makeup pouch. It is very travel friendly and helps you be ready in a minute. I completely recommend this Miss Claire Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil to my friends and colleagues.

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