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1 year ago

Gives a radiant and glowing skin !


Provides glow to the skin

Penetrates deep into the skin

Moisturizes the skin

Reduces fine lines and age spots

Suitable for all skin types

Inhibits melanin production

Rich in soy protein and 24K gold foil

Vcare 24 K Gold Soap was such a new find for me. My friend suggested me this soap. She said it makes the skin glow. The major ingredients in the soap are soy protein and 24K gold foil. I have heard many times right from my childhood on how celebrities used gold for their skin low. But to try it out is an expensive affair. The Vcare 24 K Gold Soap is not that expensive and helps you have the luxury of gold for your skin. The soap has been infused with fine particles of gold that penetrates into the skin. On everyday usage, the gold particles stay on skin and give a radiating glow to the skin. it also helps us prevent againg. The Vcare 24 K Gold Soap retains the tightness of the skin and reduces wrinkles on skin. the saop can be used for all skin types. on regular usage, we can find that the pores and fine lines on the skin are reduced. We get a smooth and soft skin. The soap improves the blood circulation on skin and reduces the skin complexion. Vcare 24 K Gold Soap does not make your skin dry as it has soy protein formula to retain the moisture on skin.

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