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1 year ago

Toxin free deo !


Naturally-derived ingredients

Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera

Used Alcohol derived from vegetables

Has antibacterial properties

100% toxin-free

No parabens

I recently purchased the Super Smelly Toxin-Free Deo Spray for me and my sister in a pop-up market. We have the lip balm from the same brand. Since we like lip balm, we decided to go with this product. It is very rare to find deo spray that is completely toxin-free. This is one kind of a deo spray. I directly apply it on the skin after bath. It lasts throughout the day and gives a fresh smell on me. It removes the entire bad odor from the body. The deo spray stays for long hours and you are all set for the whole day. The deo spray is made from all-natural ingredients that include tea tree oil and aloe vera. You need not worry about your skin type. It is suitable for all skin types. Sometimes the deo spray from other brands can be allergic o people with sensitive skin. But this deo spray is completely non-allergic even on sensitive skin. the packaging is small and convenient to take in any kind of bag you carry. It is very much easy to take along when you travel. I would recommend this deo spray.

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