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1 year ago

Good Body Lotion !


Easily available.

Nice fragrance.

Sturdy packageing.

I am very happy that I came across the products from patanjali brand. To get products that are completely chemical free and made with natural ingredients are such a rare find nowadays. The patanjali products are completely made from natural ingredients. The body lotion commended to me by my friend. The body lotion is made from natural ingredients. The natural ingredients include coconut oil, nut oil, aloe vera, saffron, honey and shea butter. Coconut oil is very good for skin health and heals the damages on skin. The saffron presence in the body lotion lightens skin complexion on regular basis. The honey and shea butter makes the skin soft and smooth. The formula in honey and shea butter keeps the skin moisturized. The natural elements in the body lotion keep the skin hydrated. I like the fragrance from the body lotion. The smell from the body lotion is mild and very refreshing to the senses. I would have like if the body lotion has sunscreen formula with SPF. It does not have any SPF. So you need to apply a sunscreen separately. The Patanjali Saundarya Body Lotion is easily available in both online and offline stores. The body lotion is reasonably priced and very affordable.

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