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1 year ago

Gives me a flawless skin !



No irritation


Gentle formula

Ideal for oily and acne prone skin


I am super happy that I found the Ozone Acne Check Face Wash. I have used many face wash. They cleanse my face well but I find that with regular usae, these face wash makes my skin dull and dry. That is when I bought the Ozone Acne Check Face Wash. I like it for the natural ingredients used in the face wash. It is made with aloevera, turmeric and lemon oil. The goodness of these elements is evident from the first wash itself. Aloe vera is very good for the skin. If you do not have time to apply aloe vera gel regularly, this face wash will take care of that gap. The turmeric present in the face wash has antiseptic, anti fungal properties that does not allow any bacteria growth. It also treats infections on the skin. Lemon oil is the perfect element for refreshing face and retains moisture on the skin.

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