ICPA Thermoseal Repair Toothpaste Reviews

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1 year ago

Effective tooth paste



Mint flavour


The ICPA Thermoseal Repair Toothpaste is such a relief for my dad. He was suffering from tooth hyper sensitivity. Any food he had caused him tooth problem. Cold foods intake was just terrible. He would have tooth pain for the entire day. He had seen many dentists. He even went through tooth replacement, but nothing worked out. That is when a dentist suggested the thermoseal repair toothpaste. It is dentist recommended tooth paste. It is clinically proven for its goodness. The tooth paste works deeply in your tooth. It treats the dentinal tubules. It also treats and replaces lost calcium in the teeth which is important for tooth health. I was worried about the flavor. Since it is medical I thought it would have bitter taste. It has a mint taste and makes your mouth feel refreshed. There is bad odor from the mouth. The mouth feels fresh and nice for the entire day.

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