VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash Reviews

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1 year ago

Lightens complexion !


Good fragrance

Suits all types of skin

I started using the VLCC Mulberry And Rose Face Wash recently. The face wash is refreshing and makes us feel rejuvenated. I love the smell of the face wash. It is a mix of mulberry and rose. It is gentle on face and cleanses skin well. The face wash removes all the impurities, dirt and dust from face. There was one reason on why I opted for this face wash. During pregnancy I had heavy pigmentation on my neck and face. I didn’t bother about it much. But the pigmentation remained even after many months. So I opted for this face wash. It lightens the dark spots and reduces pigmentation on the face. On regular usage, I get a bright, glowing and radiating face. My skin feels soft and smooth. I use this twice a day and it is also effective when we use heavy makeup. I would definitely recommend this face wash.

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