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Nycil Cool Herbal Prickly Heat Powder makes your summer cool with it's multi-beneficial formula. It is curated with a unique germ fighting formula that fights against the germs causing prickly heat. This powder is very effective in soothing skin from rashes that are formed due to prickly heat and keeps it refreshed. It also absorbs sweat and keeps your skin dry. It keeps body odor and itching sensation at bay. During summer and on hot days, sprinkle the Nycil Cool Herbal Prickly Heat Powder over the affected areas. You could feel a cooling sensation that subsides the rashes, irritation and itchiness within minutes. This powder is available in different variants with different fragrances and suits all skin types.

ranjani Review

Using this brand from childhood ! Ranjani approves this product
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Good fragrance

Available in various variants

Suits all types of skin

I am a regular user of nycil prickly heat powder since childhood and it is the best available in the market to help us save from the scorching sun during summer season. I have seen my parents using it and now my son is using Nycil Cool Herbal With Neem & Pudina Prickly Heat Powder. My son is a cricket player and this nycil powder offers great support to my son to escape from skin irritaton, rashes due to prickly heat and other minor skin infections which are common to occur while under sun. My husband and I also use this powder on a regular basis to avoid rashes during summer. The neem extract used in this powder has antifungal properties which help in preventing fungal infections. The mint extract used in this powder has strong antibacterial properties and salicylic acid which helps in preventing bacterial infections as well as helps in getting a naturally glowing skin by eliminating the dead cells and cleaning the pores.

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