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1 year ago

Non sticky hair oil !




Safe on chemically treated hair

Non-greasy formula

Instant effective results

I work in a software firm and I have to be in an air conditioned environment for almost 10 hours per day. Also, I travel by bike to office every day. Over a period, I realized that my hair has become super dry and rough with excessive split ends. One of my friends recommended Ouai Hair Oil to address this issue and I am happy that I chose this product. I applied this oil twice a week regularly for a month and I can find a lot of difference in my hair texture. My hair has become soft and smooth with reduced split ends. It has also helped in reducing hair fall and dandruff has vanished as a miracle. The oil is not greasy and gives a silky smooth appearance. Though this oil is expensive, it treats the damaged hair effectively and restores the natural condition of the hair within two months post which the oil can be used once a week or once in to weeks depending on the condition of the hair.

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