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1 year ago

Good One !


Easy to digest

Low fat

My husband had lean hands with obese structure and was disproportionate. Diets did not help the cause and he was directed to gym. His gym master recommended the Vestige Protein Powder for muscle building and it has worked in favor of my husband. My husband has been using this powder for the past 6 months. He consumes the recommended quantity every day prior to work out and he has witnessed good muscle growth in this short span. The powder is powered with whey protein and soy protein extracts which are rich in amino acid. The amino acid in whey protein promotes muscle protein synthesis and helps in muscle building. The powder is easy to digest and is easy to use. However, this powder is recommended only if you work out on an everyday basis. Consuming this protein powder without regular exercise might cause side effects and lead to obesity and other health issues.

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