Himalaya Herbals Cold Balm Reviews

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1 year ago

Best Product !


Travel-friendly packaging

Herbal ingredients

Can be used by both men and women

Suits all types of skin

Spreads easily on skin

Himalaya is a great product with so many products in health and skin care range. The brand is well known for its quality products and consistency in results. My recent buy from the Himalaya brand is the Himalaya Herbals Cold Balm. I just cannot do without it. This cold balm is so very multipurpose. It relieves us from nasal congestion and head ache. It does not give any irritation like other pain balms. The cold balm is made from herbal extracts that includes camphor oil, mint, blue gum tree oil and nutmeg oil. It is best to provide you with instant relief from blocked nose. We go through so much of discomfort when we have cold and nose congestion. The presence of camphor oil and blue gum tree oil is good and soothing for the nose irritation. You can apply this when you have fever also to relieve from body pain.

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