VLCC Natural Sciences Youth Boost Body Lotion SPF 25 Reviews

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1 year ago

Not happy !


I am not a big fan of VLCC products and I should blame myself for purchasing the VLCC Natural Sciences Youth Boost Body Lotion SPF 25 product to address my dry skin issues and also to escape from harm caused by dust and sun exposure. When I started using this body lotion, I felt good and positive with the outcome. But over days, I realized that the tan on my face and hands increased despite applying this body lotion consistently. The body lotion gives a smooth and moisturized look to the skin. The product is powered with almond oil which nourishes the skin and keeps it moisturized. The shea butter extract in this lotion gives a glow to the skin. But I purchased this body lotion primarily for its SPF 25, sunscreen properties and the product failed miserably in that aspect. Overall, I am not satisfied with this body lotion as it does not address its primary purpose.

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