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2 years ago

Have to try other shades


Faces had introduced I guess more than 30 shades I guess in Ultimate Pro Matte Lip Crayon. It comes in a sturdy chubby pencil type .the texture of the faces ultime pro lip crayons is soft and creamy. It gives a matte finish after applying . They do give a sharpner alongwith with the crayon. I do gave an issue sharpening the crayon. The best option is to put the lip crayon in the fridge and then sharpen. Since it’s soft I have to be carefull while sharpening to avoid wastage of the product. The lip crayon stays about 7 to 8 hours. And is highly pigmented. I bought the pop out shade and it is orangish type of colour because I am into more of orange type color. The lip crayon is smooth and creamy. However the first time I applied it stuck to the dry parts of my lips making it uneven. I had to moisturize my lips before applying this shade . I use a lipbalm so it even out when I apply this lip crayon.i am not sure if the other Colors are having the same effect need to try out soon.I will be trying out more colors from this ultime pro matte range because I love the texture it’s so so buttery ànd glides so soon. What more I love the chubby funny packaging of this crayon although not so in affordable range can give a try,I would want to some other shade

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