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2 years ago

Did not work for me


Fair and lovely is quite an old brand since 1975. It used to be almost in every household.first product being the fairness cream . I remember using it but however it resulted in pimples in my face and didn’t suit me so I totally avoided it. Now it has come up with so many variations in face washes and latest being the BB cream. There has been a sudden rise of BB creams in the market by most of the known brands. New Fair and Lovely BB Cream claims it is an expert product that brings together foundation and our advanced multivitamin fairness cream for Instant make-up like transformation. Covers dark spots and blemishes. Provides Sun protection with SPF 15 PA ++. Gives Matte, non-oily feel. You get a Gorgeous looking skin instantly. Enriched with multivitamins and SPF 15 PA++, Fair and Lovely BB Cream also nourishes the skin and protects it from harsh sunlight. The new Fair & Lovely BB Cream is available at for Rs.169 for 40g, Rs.79 for 18 gm & Rs.49 for 9 gm. Packaging the Fair and Lovely BB Cream comes in a small tube with a white screw cap. The consistency of the BB cream is fine meaning it is not runny or not thick. The cream smells like typical fair and lovely cream and it stays fir awhile. Take a pea size and apply on face. You need to blend it properly on the skin and it does take time. It does give a matte look on the face but stays for a maximum three four hours. It does make my skin little heavy and blemishes do get hidden but not all and just mildly. The BB cream is available in just one shade so might not suit all skin tones. It didn’t work well for my skin gave a white undertone and I didn’t feel lightweight on my skin.

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