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2 years ago

Must try


It is essential to remove makeup. I wanted an eye makeup remover that would be easy on the eyes and not cause irritation. Neutrogena claims to Take Off All your Eye Makeup the Gentle Way It’s an Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover takes off even waterproof eye makeup without leaving an oily residue It’s gentle on the eyes no harsh tugging and pulling. This ultra-gentle dual phase formula activates when shaken to remove all eye makeup-even waterproof mascara-without any greasy residue. It is ophthalmologist tested, safe for contact lens wearers and oil free. The product comes in a transparent blue bottle with a silver screw-up cap.its wide mouthed so sometimes there can be spillage of the product. The product is transparent in colour and doesn’t smell too. It feels a little oily based but it isn’t. Removing eye makeup is a tedious job and I want something that isn’t too harsh on my eyes. I take a little product on a cotton pad and place it on my eyelids it just takes one swipe. The waterproof ones take time or there is little very little residue remaining so you have to clean it again otherwise this product is fine for me . After washing it does feel a little oil residue remaining can just was it off. It doesn’t irritate or sting the eyes. A very little of the product is needed to clean without tugging or pulling in one swipe and it will last for a while.its decently priced at Rs 450 and yes would definitely recommend to my friends and purchase again .

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