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Vaadi Herbal Skin Lightening Fruit Face Pack is a refreshing and brightening face pack. It contains a luxurious blend of potent ingredients like saffron, milk, and fuller’s earth, combined with the goodness of fruits like papaya and mandarin. These ingredients work towards giving you visibly lighter and flawless skin. Regular use of this pack will make your skin smooth and give it a natural glow from within.

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The Vaadi herbals fruit face pack claims to be Rich in essential minerals, this pack softens, soothes & smoothens the skin. Constituent fruit extracts feed nourishing vitamins to the skin, which keeps skin healthy and glowing. This pack has been specially formulated to lighten the complexion as well as dark circles; and help reduce acne and black heads. The ingredients include apple extract, papaya extract, cucumber extract, lemon extract, tomato extract and vitamin E. Lemons are abundant in Vitamin C; which is a mild bleaching agent. It not only helps lighten the overall complexion of the skin; but also reduces the appearance of sun-burns, age spots, acne scars and other blemishes Tomato’s soothing effect also helps reduce redness, itching and inflammation; while calming sun-burns and rashes. Cucumber is known to lighten the skin complexion, along with lightening face blemishes and skin spots. It reduces swelling around the eyes, reducing the ugly dark circles. Apples are rich in anti-oxidants, including Vitamin A, B and C. They help fight prevent signs of premature ageing; including the onset of wrinkle. papaya is an anti-oxidant rich fruit. It helps maintain skin’s elasticity and delays the appearance of wrinkles.Vitamins A and E also help in treating aging/skin-damage induced by exposure to UV rays. Vitamin E protects skin from further UV damage as well. It even helps in reducing blemishes, dark spots and acne marks. It’s available in two sizes 35 grams and 120grams. The overall packaging is not so bad and is pretty okay for the price. The face pack comes in a compact tub. The face pack has a sweet fruity scent. Colour is baby pink and texture is very smooth . The texture is easy to spread as it’s not runny or thick. Apply evenly on face and let it dry for few minutes . Remove using wet sponge or wash with cold water. It makes the skin soft and smooth. However it doesn’t brighten or glow up the face as it claims . The fragrance seems a little off for me . As it claims it didn’t do anything about blackheads not acne

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