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2 years ago

Decent and budget friendly


Has healing properties

Keeps the vaginal area dry and fresh

Prevents odors

Prevents rashes, chafing, and itching

Controls sweat

Mild fragrance


Feminine hygiene is of utmost importance and there are numerous products available in the market. These range from intimate body wipes to wash and also powder form is claims to be light, foamy and has the healing goodness of Aloe Vera gel that nourishes Vita B3 that heals and brightens skin pigmentation and Tea Tree Oil that protects. If proper care is not taken might result in infection rashes etc. During summers i used to face tremendous issues . Due to sweating and all there used to be friction while walking and thighs used to rub against each other which caused pain swelling and redness. I hated walking because it used to pain.also sometimes after periods when the wings of the pad touches the thigh areas would result in rashes and it would pain .I was allergic when I used certain brands of pads . So I happened to use this powder which is also a dusting powder to be used for itching and redness.i saw this when I had been to the medical shop. It comes in a white bottle and pink cap. It actually looks like a typical talcum powder though but is refreshing. It contains Clotrimazol which helps fights fungal infections. Ideally i just used it for my thigh issue. I have used it during night time whenever i have faced issues and it used to give me some sort of relief by next day morning .yes definitely takes couple of days to completely get rid of rashy thighs. It can also be used to vaginal infections but yes doctors guidance is needed for that. Personally I do not recommend using powders in intimate parts .I have just used it in the inner parts of the thigh area and nowhere else. It is easily available also online and is pretty economical too

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