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VLCC Neem Face Wash cleanses your face and controls oil secretion without drying out the skin. It is quite effective to remove dirt and makeup from the face. While the pure neem extract prevents pimples and their reappearance, the antioxidant properties of tea tree and chamomile renew the skin. Its unique soap-free formulation nourishes and energizes the skin. This green face wash is especially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin types. For best results, use VLCC Neem Face Wash twice daily. People with dry skin can use a moisturizer after face wash.

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Makes face clear and smooth Ramya approves this product
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Refreshes skin

Suitable for all skin types

Creamy texture

Hydrating effect


Easy to carry

Gel-like consistency

I am a big fan of VLCC products so when I saw this at the counter I had to get it .this face wash has been extract alongwith chamomile and tea tree .it deeply cleanses the face gently and helps controls the sebum secretion and does not dry up our skin .neem ex tract is helpful in treating pimple and acne and tries to reduce the frequency , while chamomile and tea tree have strong antioxidant help in rejuvenating the skin and makes it look fresh. The packaging is transparent and the product is mild green in colour . A very little product is needed and it lathers does help in removing dirt from my face.since I have dry skin it makes it more dry so I do moisturize post would work if you have very less breakouts on your skin I did see the reduction to some extend. it's a budget friendly and travel friendly facewash

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