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1 year ago

Once you get the hang of it works great


Does not irritate eyes



Long staying power

Easy to apply and remove

Does not dry up

Haute & Naughty Lash Mascara is a two-in-one product .it comes in the usual mascara packaging but on top it has a purple glittery cap and then a pink one .the pink topper Helps in seperating the lashes .the Mascara wand gives longer and fuller eyelashes. It does not clump and helps lift the lashes . While The purple top takes more mascara on the thickens the lashes and does effect in clumping .there are multiple ways to use this mascara. You can either apply just by using the pink top which takes in very less mascara product so it somewhat gives a natural lashes look. The other option is just using the mascara wand of the purple top which takes more of the mascara product. It gives more dramatic look to the eyes. These two can either be used as stand alone. Or using the purple wand first which takes excess product and then using the pink wand to brush off the excess product so there would be less clumps. Similarly you could use the pink wand first to seperate the lashes and then applying the purple wand. The purple wand creates clumping as there is excess product on the wand. It really takes a while to get the actual hang of the product and how effective and efficiently it can be used. Once you know the technique you could decide which way you wish to apply the mascara. It is one of the kind mascara with a different packaging style .it does not smudge or flake much.i liked this alot it you can create looks according to your wish either a dramatic look or natural look. It does not stay throughout the day but starts fading from the ends and does not smudge at all but the curls looses it's hold

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