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Head And Shoulders Smooth And Silky 2-In-1 Shampoo + Conditioner is an anti-dandruff solution with the double benefits of shampoo and conditioner in a single product. This foamy shampoo + conditioner not only removes dandruff but also makes your hair soft and smooth. Its pH-balanced formula works well even on colored and chemically-treated hair. It also prevents itchiness on scalp and conditions your hair. Its fresh scent creates a superb hair-washing experience.

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Suitable for all hair types

Does not damage hair


Pleasant fragrance

Dandruff is something that I wanted to get rid off since a while. I hate when i find those white flakes on my dark tee shirts post combing . I have tried alot of things and products on my hair to get rid of those incessant dandruff issue but it would just pop up again.i bought this product because it is mentioned it is 2 in 1 product and head and shoulders actually claims that it is the first time in India a product which actually combines benefits of shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. So I thought why not ? It would the best for traveling purposes, you would not need two products to carry a shampoo plus a conditioner. It is really first time I guess here because I never heard of any product which actually gives benefits not shampoo and conditioner in one bottle.The shampoo + conditioner comes in a white colored plastic bottle with a dark blue flip cap which has a tiny nozzle for the product to come out. The consistency is not too thick ir not too runny and is white in colour .just a little bit is needed and it lathers really well .come winters and my dandruff issue too increases .I like how it cleans and cleanses the scalp and removes dirt and oil from hair and makes the scalp squeeky ckean..the fragrance is mild and is not very overpowering lingers for a while then goes off.this product is easily in most of the departmental shops medical shops if not you can get it online too. I did see reduction in dandruff but however I felt my hair became too dry and rough so I needed to apply a conditioner ,it did not really suit my hair. It is pretty much affordable and might suit others but not for me

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