Cinthol Women’s Deo Stick Aura Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.9


2 years ago

Not your regular roll on deo


Refreshing floral fragrance

Easy to apply



Cooling sensation

No rashes

Spill proof tube packaging

Ideal for summer

The cinthol women's deo stick is totally different from the usual deo sprays and roll ons. It is totally a life saviour when it comes to the swelting heat of the summer and yes also if you sweat alot and wish to get rid of bad body odour. It comes in 3 variants namely aura, swirl and spark. It comes in a simple and sleek packaging. It is a squeezable tube packaging with the cap which stays fixed and non leakage .so it is totally travel friendly and also falls easy on the pocket . The variant name is mentioned on the tube. It is recommended to apply post shower so that the refreshing smell stays for a while . Do not confuse it with a roll on deo .It is totally different from other products one has to squeeze the product from the tube and then apply using the applicator which is affixed on the top of the tube. The product comes out from the opening and one has to dab on the underarms and use the pplicator and move in circular position So it is totally a boon because we need not use our fingers .it gets applied within few seconds. It is creamy based and if you think it will leave a stain on clothes no it does not. It gets absorbed very easily and gives a refreshing smell and cooling effect. It did not irritate the skin as such since it has alcohol base in the product. The aura variant smells pleasent refreshing and has a hint of floral fragrance and is not overpowering at all. The fragrance stays for a while and staying power is good like 5 to 6 hours . It is best suited if you are Looking for a budget friendly and a product which does fulfill what it claims

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