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VLCC Skin Defense Mud Face Pack is an Ayurvedic remedy that removes toxins and deep-seated impurities from your skin. The Kaolin Clay in this face pack absorbs excess oil, thereby reducing the pimples on your face. This unique formula is prepared from natural ingredients such as Kaolin Clay, Mint Oil, and Turmeric that make your skin look refreshing and radiant. This face pack improves blood circulation which, in turn, tightens and brightens your skin. For best results, use VLCC Skin Defense Mud Face Pack twice a week, followed by VLCC Lavang Moisturizer.

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Mud pack Ramya approves this product
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Clears skin

Deeply cleanses skin

Strengthens skin

Freshens and brightens skin

Creamy formula

Makes skin supple

Does not dry out skin

Soothing effect

Earthy, minty fragrance

Thick consistency

VLCC is the most trusted abd economical brand and it has lots of products. I have tried quite alot of VLCC products and was pretty much impressed with these products. I saw this product at the counter and wanted to try it out since it was VLCC i just purchased it. It is pretty much affordable and is enriched with kaolin turmeric extract and mint oil All these together with the rest ingredients helps to cleanse and removes impurities,oil from the face and makes it looking flawless and spotless. It comes in a tub packaging and the consistency is thick and cream just like liquid foundation. Since the texture is creamy based it spreads nicely and evenly on the skin. But i wish an applicator or spatula was provided to apply the product on the face. It makes the fingers totally messy and i feel totally unhygienic when you literally have to dip your fingers in the tub to apply the product. You can apply thickly or thin based however you wish. If applied a bit thick it takes bit time to dry up. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to dry up. Post that i rinse it off. It comes off easily . However i make it a point to moisturize after cleaning up the face pack as it makes my face dry as i already have dry skin. The fragrance smells good that of sandalwood so if you do not like the fragrance of sandalwood you might not like it as i feel it is a bit strong smell. It removes dirt and cleans my face and also makes it brighter but it lasts just for few hours like typical packs . I feel my face more soft and supple and smooth. It is easily available in most of the shops and online too

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