Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener Reviews

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1 year ago

Peels off dead and dry skin


Refreshing sensation

Makes skin healthy

Gentle formulation

Doesn’t dry skin

No harsh scrubbing

Innisfree Wine Peeling Jelly Softener looks like a beer bottle itself a mini one though 😜the packaging is simple Comes in bottle shaped with a screw cap .it has a stopper too which would prevent spillage or leakage while travelling. The texture is a bit runny and smooth and gel like consistency. It like an exfoliating liquid although you won't see the granules in it like you find in the scrub When you pour it on your hands it would just feel like watery gel like though.You can either put on cotton pad and wipe over the can use it directly on the face too and massage your face in circular movements after sometime you will notice some particles coming off ,like dead skin peeling .it makes the skin soft and smoother to touch .it is gentle on the skin and not at all harsh. The fragrance is okay it smells like a bit of wine although it goes away after sometime. But must be carefull to use on acne prone skin might cause issues .the best part it does not strip of the natural oils of the face and doesn't dry up it still keeps the face moisturized and hydrated

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