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1 year ago

Not so impressive


This was recommended by my friend when i had sudden breakouts due to using a new product .it comes in the typical Himalaya packaging n that is white top and green top. The colour of the cream is beige and it is thick in consistency but a bit of powdery base. After cleansing the face you need to apply the cream on affected areas. How much ever you try to massage the cream it does not get absorbed well into the skin but it leaves a powdery finish so i usually use to just leave it on the breakouts.i normally prefer to use it at night before sleeping. It helps soothing the area and reduces the irritability caused. It is affordable than the rest of the products and is also available easily if not in shops you can always get it online. As fr as acne control is concerned i do not see any significant change and might not work on severe acne related skin

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